Jennifer Horn has twenty years experience working in all aspects of the landscape industry, from working at plant nurseries to designing large estates and parks worldwide.  JHLA will work closely with the client, the architect and other consultants to ensure that the landscape fully responds to the social and environmental needs of the site.  


Plant selection is paramount to reaching the best design solutions possible. JHLA works closely with contractors to ensure the plants’ health after construction.  Her work in climates as diverse as the Caribbean, Rocky Mountains, Barcelona, Greece and Hawaii further enhance her expertise.  Jennifer Horn has a BS in Horticulture in addition to her MLA in Landscape Architecture.


Many planned communities built during the 80’s and 90’s relied heavily on irrigation and selection of aggressive exotic species when making design decisions.  Today, homeowners in those communities are more savvy and are engaged to make a positive commitment to their local ecologies.  JHLA provides consulting services that “facelift” existing guidelines and make practical and executable recommendations for reducing water demand and the use of pesticides and fertilizers.  These recommendations save homeowners money and limits their carbon footprint. JHLA also provides services as a certified landscape expert for Green Area Ratio (GAR) submissions in DC.


JHLA can provide cost estimating for feasibility studies or in order to develop claims for insurance purposes.  These services can also prepare a client to develop a timeline for potential projects.


The necessary emphasis on responsible landscape design is never ignored or overlooked.  JHLA works with clients on delivering green design solutions on projects of all scopes and size.  From minimizing stormwater, to working with gardeners on organic techniques, JHLA’s mission is to respect and restore the surrounding environment whenever possible.